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Thozappars sons: Kandhadai Thozappar had four sons , they were Periya Varadhachar, Seriya Varadhachar,Eiyan Ramanuja Charya & Devaraja Guru also known as ammal. Periya Varadhachar was also known as Periya Aiyi,Seriya Varadhachar was known as Seriya Aiyi,This tittle AIYI was given by Namperumal because they served the Lord like a mother, so he gave the AIYI , it means mother. Koorananarayna Jeer did lot of social serivce,as desired by natives of Srirangam Vadula desikarana Ayi, gave Kooranarayan jeer the Udayavars Mutt,Elachinai,Thiruvazi Modiram,and some other Kainkaryam.As usual the Then Chola King misbehaved with with Periya Ayi,he felt disgusted,and relinquished the administrative charges of Srirangam temple, he went to Thirumazisi near Poovirundavalli. His father kanthandai Thozappar also left Srirangam and reached Kanchipuram.Then Kanchi Devadi Rajan appeared in the dream of Thozappar and told he will go back to Srirangam once again.Then dream came true ,Eyan Ramanujacharya returned back and built lot of Gopurams, mantapam etc. The descendants of Mudali Andan ran the administration of Srirangam Temple for more than 200 years.

Thirugopurathu Nayanar: He was the son of Vadula Desikan Eyan Ramanujacharya ( He is known as Narasimhachariyar),His next brother was Devaperumal Pillai,both got the Srikaryam work in Srirangam temple.With the help of all wealthy person Narasimha Raja did lot of kainkaryam for Namperumal.He had three sons Periyaannan,Chinna Annan and Deivangaperumal Thozzappar. In 1310 CE when muslim invaded Srirangam then they hid the Moolavar vighraham ,then sent away the uthsavar vigraham with Pillai Lokachary, then after 61 years with the help of Harihara and Bhukka's fedual lord of Senghi Sri Goppana Udayar in 1371 CE the Uthsavar Namperumal came back to Srirangam.

Devanga Perumal Thozzapar:He was the third son of Thirugopurathu Nayanar,Devanga Perumal was born in the month of Avani , Shravana Star.Thirugopurathu Nayanar went along with Namperumal and since he became unwell , he returned back.When Namperumal was brought back to Senghi, Devanga Perumal went to Senghi and accompanied Namperumal to Srirangam. He restored the all the festival which came to stand stil after Namperumal left Srirangam.To start with he restored Virupan Thirunalon Chitrai Revathi.

Devaraja Thozzapar: Devanga Perumal Thozzapar had three sons, Poretru Nayan,Azaithu vazvaitha Perumal Annar and Last son was Devaraja Thozzapar.Devanga Perumal made Deavaraja Thozzapar as his successor and entrusted the work of Srikaryam of Srirangam Temple.

Varadhanarayana Guru: Devaraja Thozzapar struggled and did the duty of Srikaryam. Then one day in his dream Namperumal Appeared and told he is going to be blessed with a fourth son who wil be the amsam of Mudali Andaan.Devaraja Thozzapar had three sons named Poreiru Nayan,Narayana Appai and Azaithu vazavaitha Perumal. In the year 1389 CE in Puratasi Month,in the Purattathi star was born Narayana Guru, then after him Srinivasachariyar, then Thirugopurath Nayanar ( Azagia Singar) , Thozzapar and last was Eyan were born to Devaraja Thaozzapar. Then Varadhanarayana Guru became the Srikaryam of Namperumal temple. Since Kooranaryana Jeer came to forfront pushing the Mudali Andan Vamsam in getting temple rights Varadhanarayana Guru did not join the Goshti and used to seperately have the darshan of Namperumal.When his rights were snathced ,once day Namperumal got struck in door and he could not come out, in the guise of Appan ( Brother of Varadha guru) went our Namperumal varadhaguru's thirumalaigai and called him for darshan , then be hold Appan vansihed once, varadha Guru entered then temple.Then Varadhaguru was astonished. Then through Archaka Lord Namperumal Glorified the Varadha Guru's Importance.He is also known as Annan Swami. Malavana Mamunigal restored the Mariyadi given to Mudali Andaan to his decendant Varadha Guru a.k.a Annan Swami.During nayaka Kings period near Sengai a place named Thirumani Annan Swami build a temple for Perun Devi Thayar Sametha Sri Kalyan Varadharajar. After some decedents of Annan Swami came Apurna Appangar.

Apurana Appangar: He was the sixth generation of Appan Swami Has two sons Elder one was Varadhachariyar and Second Son was Pranadhadhithar,Then Appan Swami thriumaligai was dived into two and was known as Thirumani Swami Thirumaligai and Appan Venkatachariyar Thirumaligai.

Appan Venkatachariyar : He was the Seventh generation of Appan Swami and He was very famous at that time. At this time Manavala Mamunigals one of the ashtathigajas Erumbhi Appa's decendants gave his aradhana Murthy Chakravarthi Thirumagan ( Picture can be seen in Picture Gallery)and also was given the rights of Second Theertham rights of Sholinghapuram, and it is continuing even today.

Pranadhadhithar:He was the son Appan Venkatachariyar, He was also the brilliant like his father. He spread the Vashistaadwaitha. Along with Sirupuliyur Swami he started Visachanar Magazine.It was during his period he eastablished thirumaligai at Kanchipuram, Sriperumpudhur, Srivaliputtur etc. Lot of people become shisyas of this swami.

Sri Varadhachariyar: He was the son of Pranadhadhithar since he did not have issues he took the Swekaram. He took swekaram from Thirumani Swami's Son Sri Ramanujachariyar.

Sri Ramanujachariyar:He is the current swami . He was born on 25th December 1935.In Yuva Year,Margazi Month in Moola Nakshtram. He was adopted in the year 1941, He had his Upanayanam in the year 1943.He studied in Sriperumpudur Patashala.He mastered vyakarna, Mimansa, got the title Vedantha Shirormani. He did grantha Kalashepa under Karapankadu Swami. He studied Sribhashyam under Hyderabad Vidhwan Sri Appan Sadagopachariyar. He is the Trustee of Embar Mutt, He has  lot of Shyshya . He has three sons. The eldest is Pranadharthi Harachariyar, he is born on Margazi moth Visakam Nakshtram


PS: I have compiled whatever was given to me in the form of Book published during 600th Samvathsara Mohothsavam in the year 1992. If any mistake has crept in please correct. ( Sridhar)

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